burial insurance

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 Planning for the End of LifeThere are certain expenses that come at the end of life that multiply the burden on an already-grieving family. Final Expense insurance provides a safety net for unanticipated costs, like funeral services and cremation or burial, that allows the insured to let loved ones know it's "all taken care of" before the need becomes imminent. This policy differs from a prepaid funeral policy in that there is an underwriting process and the cost is associated with the policy-holder's state of health.

When does it make sense to purchase final expense coverage? How do you know if it's too soon? How can you compare these policies with other investments that can accomplish the same level of protection? Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Does the plan have an end date? Many policies cease coverage on your 80th birthday.
  • Watch for unscheduled price increases; only buy policies with fixed rates that will never increase.
  • Is there a waiting period? If you are healthy, you should qualify for immediate coverage.
  • Did you know you can use Final Expense insurance to pay for nursing home expenses, medical bills, probate expenses and past due accounts?
  • Did you respond to a mail or telemarketer ad demanding an immediate decision? Don't ever sign up for any type of life insurance you receive in the mail or from a telemarketer. Make sure you confer with someone who is unbiased before you make your decision.

How can you protect yourself from predators who will sell anything for a commission? That's why it pays to have someone you trust in the insurance business. We can help match you with a company that will make you the best offer based on your health conditions. Contact licensed broker, Jeff Carlson, today to discuss your options. (719) 360-8441.